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No Serious HACKS, No Tough Trials, Just a Google Search Away !

The infamous French Security researcher named as “Robert Baptiste”  who goes with his twitter handle  with the Mr. Robot FameName “Eliot Anderson” just retweeted in public giving out a simple google search keyword to find all the aadhar cards that have been stored by multiple websites in a very insecure way on the microblogging site Twitter!


Google Search key:

“mera aadhar meri pehchan filetype:pdf “

At the time of writing this article, we could find approximately 216 results with the above keyword and below is the screenshot:

Using other keyword combinations, like “mera aadhar meri pehchan filetype:pdf  “, “mera aadhar meri pehachan filetype:pdf  ”  etc. we might end up digging millions of such aadhar cards !

Hope Govt. Of India takes a strict action against all these website owners/entities for exposing these sensitive documents !

Few domains found in the current search are:

  • www.the-aiff.com
  • starcardsindia.com
  • www.4tigo.com
  • vivekjyoticollege.in
  • sxhsbanda.edu.in
  • www.acce.in
  • www.ssmahavidhvalaymirzapur.com

We could even find 8 Government Domains(gov.in) National Informatics Center Domains also(nic.in) from the first 3 Google Search Pages !

It is high time for  the UIDAI to go ahead and rethink about the Privacy Woes that we Indians are going to face with AADHAR being our primary identity !

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