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  1. Ensure that the Certificate against which we are generating the certificate is already loaded on the web server
  2. Generate the PKCS12 format Certificate from the PEM Certs using the command below:
    openssl pkcs12 -export -out cert-complete.pfx -inkey cert-key.pem -in cert-leaf.pem -certfile cert-chain.pem
    Enter Export Password:
    Verifying - Enter Export Password:
  3. Ensure that a strong password is set atleast of 12 Characters (alphanumeric + Special Chars)
  4. Download the tool “Portecle” from the Website http://portecle.sourceforge.net/
  5. Run the Tool
  6. Load the PKCS12 SSL certificate that was generated in the Step#2
  7. Enter the password that was set
  8. You shall see the certificate getting listed
  9. Highlight the entry, navigate to “Tools → Change Keystore Type → BKS”
  10. Enter the same password again
  11. If the Password is correct, you shall see the following message:
  12. Now Select the same entry, and Select the option “File → Save Keystore As”
  13. Save the file on the desired location after setting a password if prompted. ENSURE THAT THE EXTENSION OF THE FILE IS .bks

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