WhiteRose Ransomware

Introduction and Details WhiteRose ransomware  crypto-extortion encrypts user data with AES, and then requires a redemption in #Bitcoin(BTC) to decrypt the files. File naming pattern: randomname_ENCRYPTED_BY.WHITEROSE Example of an encrypted file: BT2cJMtNeYlaKJHP_ENCRYPTED_BY.WHITEROSE The activity of this crypto-extortioner is now being seen in the second half of March 2018. It is oriented towards English-speaking users, which […]

Facebook – You scraped our Calls & Messages too !

Facebook’s recent controversies relating to Cambridge Analytica, consumers have been looking closer at the data Facebook collects from its users. You can take a look at all of the data Facebook has collected from you over the years at this webpage which is a lot—wall posts, photos, videos, messages and more. While it may be pretty scary how […]


A malware infected computer of ISRO exposed India’s premier space research agency to hackers, claimed Indian and French security researchers on Sunday. The researchers also claimed that hackers could have taken control of ISRO’s command rocket launches using the vulnerability. Express has not been able to independently verify this claim. The trojan malware, known as […]

IDOR – PayTM as an example !

What is an IDOR? Attacker, who is an authorised system user, simply changes a parameter value that directly refers to a system object to another object the user isn’t authorised for and if gains access to it defines an Insecure Direct Object Reference or IDOR. Lets say User A logs in to the system and […]

Annabelle Ransomware – Decryption Tool Available

Discovered by security researcher Bart, Annabelle Ransomware includes everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to screwing up a computer. This includes terminating numerous security programs, disabling Windows Defender, turning off the firewall, encrypting your files, trying to spread through USB drives, making it so you can’t run a variety of programs, and then to sweeten […]

Android App Permissions – Android P

Ever wondered what are App Permissions in Android 6.0 and above? Its simple. When an App needs to interact with data on your phone that it does not own for a predefined functionality, it prompts the User seeking permission for it to access the same. So Users think twice before tapping the “Allow” button on your Android […]

Content Security Policy – LinkedIn as an Example!

CSP – Content Security Policy CSP is a W3C specification offering the possibility to instruct the client browser from which location and/or which type of resources are allowed to be loaded/ executed. The supported directives are: default-src : Define loading policy for all resources type in case of a resource type dedicated directive is not defined (fallback), […]

CVE-2018-6389 Zero Day – WordPress Remote DoS – Parameter Resource Consumption

On Monday, February 5, 2018, a zero-day vulnerability in WordPress core was disclosed CVE-2018-6389, which allows an attacker to perform a denial of service (DoS) attack against a vulnerable application. The vulnerability exists in the modules used to load JS and CSS files. These modules were designed to decrease page-loading time, but have effectively rendered […]