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Using and Eclipse plugin called PlantUML. we can draw UML sequence diagrams. With a sequence diagram it’s very easy to represent interactions and processes between the actors.

Bellow is an example of PlantUML source text:

title Sequence diagram example
actor User
participant SystemA
box "Bank Statement App" #LightBlue
participant Middleware
participant SystemB
end box
== Flow 1 - Sync call==
User -> SystemA: view details
note right
Order details, Payment history
end note
SystemA -> Middleware: getCustomerInfo
Middleware -> SystemA: return customer details
SystemA -> Middleware: getOrderDetails
Middleware -> SystemA: return order details
SystemA -> User: present info
== Place order - async ==
User -> SystemA: placeOrder
SystemA -> Middleware: placeOrder
Middleware -> Middleware: insert in queue
Middleware -> SystemA: ack
SystemA -> User: thank you page
group Async place order
Middleware ->SystemB: placeOrder
SystemB -> SystemB: verifyeligibility
SystemB -> SystemB: fulfill order
SystemB -> Middleware: status
Middleware -> SystemA: status


You can find more examples and information on the PlantUML official page: http://plantuml.sourceforge.net/

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